Transport and Work Platforms

Transport Platforms
Transport platforms are suitable for the vertical transport of both personnel and material on the construction site. For transporting e.g. palletized and large dimension panels, scaffolding, mini loaders, kitchens and other material for use in the inside and outside of the building, the HEK TPM range is extremely appropriate.

These transport platforms offer additional functions and are very efficient and safe alternative for a conventional material hoist. The range is assembled with the same basis components like mast, drive unit and platform decks. The HEK TPL is especially designed for smaller construction projects with limited space and where less payload capacity is required.

Work Platforms
In modern architecture, facades come in all shapes and sizes. Angular, staggered, overhanging or receding. In addition, glazing and coating systems are often employed in very large formats, in such materials as aluminium and natural stone. For situations of this kind, the HEK Mast Climbing Medium series offer a flexible workspace on height, which is safe, clear and stable!

There is also a multitude of applications such as renovation, sand blasting, epoxy painting and general maintenance where lightweight access from the HEK Mast Climbing Light Platforms are the optimum solution.

Light Range – Medium Range Models