RSB is the internationally acknowledged specialist for tunnel construction. As a quality-conscious and innovative complete provider, RSB covers the entire field of tunnel construction: formwork technology, design and planning, assembly/disassembly, onsite project support as well as additional services such as anchoring systems, concrete-placing aids and vibrating systems. RSB takes care of every detail, but also keeps focused on the complete picture. RSB therefore plays an important role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the construction site. This is because everything is perfectly coordinated, everything comes from one partner.

  • Tunnel mining (Fullround, crown Formwork)
  • Cut and Cover (crown formwork , rectangular cross-section)
  • Tunnel Crown and Special Formwork (niche and crosscut formwork, cavern and suspended ceiling formwork, floor/shoulder formwork .)
  • Shaft Formwork. (single-sided, double-sided, anchorless, with integrated climbing platform)
  • Accessories and Services (concrete-placing equipment/concrete-placing aids, vibrating systems, reinforcement scaffolding and trolleys, special formwork solutions, anchoring systems,   local support from the RSB construction supervisors, stress analysis, individual planning and design

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Shaft Formwork

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