The Pilosio slab formwork system (early removal formwork, slab formwork system, slab support structure, on-site formwork casting and reinforcements, brick slab systems, slab props, etc.) are designed with “drop head” support points that permit quick dismantling and reuse of the panels without affecting the maturation time of the casting.

It is a modular system for the construction of shoring towers for the realization of concrete-cast slabs and beams.
The design and modularity of the base components allows the construction of towers with bases of 100 x 100 cm, 150 x 100 cm, and 150 x 150 cm, with heights up to 18 m.
Each component can be carried manually. Thanks to the adjustable pins and starting bases, the structures can be levelled and adjusted quickly and easily.

The “drop head” system PL20 beams and multilayer wood panels for slab casting.
Utilizing the drop head method allows you to optimize and significantly reduce intervention time in the reinforcement of the slabs. Just a hammer hit frees up the PL20 beams’ reinforcing stirrup, which lowering itself, allows you to recover both the main and secondary layouts as well as part of the forming board.
Re-use with a second supply of props will result in noticeable savings for the jobsite’s budget and an optimization of materials.
After the minimum period of maturation time, you will move on to the recovery of the tripod and intermediate props.
Just hammer hit, frees up the drop head’s bearing, thus lowering it.
You will recover the primary and secondary PL20 beams and part of the forming board.
The recovered parts of the system can now be used for another casting pour.
The drop head props will stay on until the complete maturation of the concrete.

New reinforcement system for conventional slabs and on site casted slabs

  • It has been designed to reduce installation time and to improve safety on construction sites.
  • All components can be handled by a single person due to its low weight.
  • The modularity of the system, accompanied by a reduced number of accessories, allows to realize any slab geometry. The use of the quick dismantling head facilitates the recovery of all the formwork panels after just 2 or 3 days for immediate reuse in the next phase.
  • The safety aspect of this system were treated especially during the design stage. LITEFORM panels are assembled from below. The surface is made of aluminium and consists of a frame of profiles that even lets you operate on top without a plywood coating.
  • To improve operations and safety, the surface of the LITEFORM has been milled; this allows people to work safely even on wet surface.

N. 1 Aluminium Panel 1000×2000
N. 1 Aluminium Panel 750×200
N. 1 Aluminium Panel 500×200
N. 1 Infill element 1800
N. 1 Infill element 1200
N. 1 Steel Prop
N. 1 Quick Dismantling Head
N. 1 Fixed Head
N. 1 Guardrail post
A set of accessories is available, in support of the range, to allow a simple and rapid storage of all components to maximize space and handling in the construction site and during transportation.
Working phases:

  1. Once positioned the props with the quick dismantling heads, the assembling of the LITEFORM panels can be done until completion from bellow.
  2. The installation of prefabricated slabs or bricks can be done in complete safety from the working surfaces.
  3. Once the casting has been done and after a minimum concrete consolidation, we can proceed with the recovering of the panels ready for the next phase, just with a single hammer blow to lower the quick dismantling head.
The new solution for slabs of large surface. The base module, up to 35 m2, can be handled quickly in a single solution. The ideal solution for the construction of large dimention buildings.

Rapidly assembles and disassembles allowing for a considerable reduction in rotation time of jobsite casting.
SlabForm can be manually moved and is entirely in aluminium (the weight of each component is less than 16 kg). The system’s modularity (150×75 cm base panel) allows you to create any geometric shape to share time.
SlabForm is suitable for any typology of manufactured product, such as: auto-silos, shopping malls, industrial plants, and in particular in the sector of residential construction. The reduced number of props (1 prop every 3.45 m2) allows the realization of reinforced surfaces that are perfectly useable and can also be utilized for the warehousing of construction materials.
What is more, the simplicity of the components allows the personnel to carry out the phases of assembly and disassembly in total safety.
The SlabProp props aluminum vary in heights from 2.0 to 5.20 m. They can bear up to 74.48 KNs, and when matched with the drop heads allow the recovery of all the layout’s panels and beams, holding the slab until the maturation has occurred.
A simple hammer hit frees up and lowers the head’s stirrup 6-7 cm allowing for the easy recovery of all the layout’s panels and beams. With a second supply of props you can proceed to the subsequent casting phase.
Due to top mechanical characteristics, the SlabProp props can be used as a support structure for any jobsite demand or necessity. When matched with connecting frames, they can be overlapped and utilized as high-capacity shoring towers while maintaining their ease of use.
A set of infill adjustable frames that fit to perfection completes the range of accessories. These allow to set up all those areas of the slab that the standard panels cannot close.