JOMY product lines result from continuous development, many national and international projects and over 35 years of expertise.
- Aluminioum ladders and staircases for emergency egress, to public or private buildings such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, industry, hotels, embassies, apartments, private lodgings, etc.;
- Access at heights;
- Special building façade maintenance.

We offer : 1. Retractable ladders 2. Exterior Staircases 3. Permanent ladders 4. Mobile Access Systems

1. Retractable ladders

The JOMY retractable / folding ladder mounts as a fixed ladder to most structures. When retracted it folds to 100 x 110mm column and looks like a drainpipe. It is an ideal emergency exit. When deployed it provides safe and easy egress or access.

Made from extruded lightweight 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, no individual section weighs more than 52 lbs. The ladder is easily installed by two people in less than three hours, using standard tools.

Because the ladder remains closed until needed, the rungs are protected and the operating mechanisms are not affected by ice, snow, sleet, rain, salt air or other adverse conditions.
The ladder is maintenance free.

Thanks to its esthetics, the JOMY ladder integrates seamlessly in modern and classic architectures.
It is generally considered the “architect’s choice” for unobtrusive and effective evacuation.

The JOMY Ladder is very discreet and can be painted in any RAL color.