Exterior Staircases

The preffered solution for collective evacuation or access

Exterior staircases are often considered the preferred solution for collective evacuation or access. All our staircases are produced from anodized aluminium profiles.

The aluminum advantage
The use of the high-quality material aluminum, despite its relatively high cost per weight, usually leads to the lowest cost solution:
• Aluminum constructions are very light (only about 1/3 of the weight of a similar steel construction), which reduces the impact of the material cost per weight on overall costs;
• Aluminum metalworking and materials handling is very easy when compared to steel, reducing production costs;
• The JOMY stairs were conceived with transport and assembly in mind (light, ready-to-assemble meccano), reducing installation costs;
• Finally, aluminum constructions require no maintenance (e.g. no protective painting) and have a very long life span (over 30 years), further reducing the total cost of ownership

Aluminium allows distinctive options such as:
• Stairs with a self-supporting structure, but also suspended stairs.
• Burglar proof counterbalanced lower stairs.
• Many types of paneling of the stairs (perforated sheets, vertical or horizontal profiles, etc.).
• Painting in any desired RAL color (polyester powder coating).
• Many types of anti-slip steps, guardrails, second handrail for children, access gate, etc

Main characteristics


Our staircases are constructed from standard components, which are adapted to the building in accordance with the safety requirements. The stairs are modular, bolted together just like meccano. They are supplied ready-to-assemble and designed for transport…


The stairway is constructed from extruded aluminum profiles (anodized with natural mat finishing) and assembled using stainless steel fasteners.


Standard inclinations: 37° and 45°; other inclinations available on request. Useful width of flights: 1’11″ to 3’11″ or 600 to 1200 mm; Larger widths on request.