Pilosio scaffolding (frame scaffolding, for support structures, prefabricated scaffolding, specials, tube and joint scaffolding, bush or pin type scaffolding, and multidirectional scaffolding) are manufactured in compliance with the highest safety standards to suit any type of worksite, thanks to the modularity of the elements, its easy handling and assembly, and the strength of the materials.


The double-fold aluminum coverings are a modular system which is suitable for the protection and safety of workers at construction sites and excavations.

K-KZ Scaffolding

PREFABBRICATED PIN TYPE SCAFFOLDING K-KZ The K-KZ system is a façade prefabricated scaffolding where components are hooked by using pins. This is a classic site system, quick and easy to assemble. With a frame axle-spacing of 180 cm and a width of 105 cm, the K and KZ are the most economical and simple solutions for all your work needs.

MP Scaffolding

MP MULTIDIRECTIONAL SCAFFOLDING The MP multidirectional scaffolding system is the modern solution that reflects in an industrialized way all the flexibility of tube and joint scaffolding. The special washer welded to the vertical uprights has 4 ways for the orthogonal fastening of stringers and diagonals and other 4-ways slotted that allow the fastening with changeable angle to cover almost 360°. The manageability of the components and ease in assembly allow for enhanced productivity and adaptability to any jobsite problem. Fast and flexible in its employment as well as easy to assemble, it combines typical frame-scaffolding productivity with the ease and commonality of the Tube and Joint. Multidirectional Scaffolding MP is put to use within the realm of classic structures for building and construction maintenance. Modularity allows for a large number of combinations; those that have ministerial authorization are:
  • Metallic frame scaffoldings and pre-cast transoms like model types MP115-250 and MP115t-250 (20031/OM-4)
  • Metallic frame scaffoldings and pre-cast transoms like model MP83-250; MP83T-250 and MP83T-300 (20034/OM-4)

PE Scaffolding

PE PREFABBRICATED BUSH SCAFFOLDING PE is a standard prefabricated scaffolding where components are hooked by using bushes. It is a standard site system, quick and easy to assemble. The PE scaffolding model, with its inter-frame axle spacing of 180cm to 300cm and widths of 105cm or 72cm, represents the first integrated-scaffolding model. All the components can be used indifferently to find a solution for all the modular bases that are provided for.

SE Scaffolding

SE PREFABBRICATED SCAFFOLDING The SE prefabricated scaffolding has been designed to solve safety challenges on site, allowing the construction company to work safely even without PPE, personal protection equipment against falls. New Secure European scaffolding (SE 105/180). According to European Standard EN12810. Personnel can work in the maximum security and free of mind without aid of safety cables or harness during assembly and disassembly phases. The scaffolding SE is expected with structural boards on every level or without boards (using horizontal brace and internal ledger). The SE frame provides the locking pin turned down to make grafting more convenient and faster; the reduced distance between the treading floor and the uppercut it also reduces the effort needed for the lifting. The guardrail frame SE has on both sides two different locking pins, one longer than the other, to allow a fast and simple assembly. The scaffolding SE is projected for a load up to 300 daN/m2s with 180cm. or 105cm. between the frames.

T&G Scaffolding

TUBE AND JOINT SCAFFOLDING The tube and joint scaffolding system is the precursor of all steel scaffolding and is extremely flexible.The different types of orthogonal, swivel, terminal and pull joints allow the construction of any geometry. The distinguishing feature of this system is surely its simplicity and versatility of use. Tubes with a diameter of 48,3×3,2 in S235JRH steel. Orthogonal, revolving, terminal, wheel- joints allow the best applications.