The sky is the limit

The history of Bygging-Uddemann goes all the way back to 1943, when AB Bygging invented the first centrally controlled hydraulic slipform system and received a worldwide patent for the technique.

Silo plants, water-towers, high-rise buildings, cores, chimneys, bridge piers, TV towers, industrial power plants, caissons, tapered towers, chimneys and control towers. We’ve done it all round the world.

Bygging-Uddemann has also the most comprehensive heavy lifting systems in the market. We have every jack needed to cope with the heaviest of loads, such as flue pipes, formwork-structures, heavy machinery, cranes and bridges. All kinds of heavy loads, where the placement or removal requires a high degree of precision, is our job.


Six months faster. Is that really possible?
Yes. And 33% cheaper too.

Slipforming is expensive…isn’t it?
Not when you look at the whole picture and factor in the time savings. Look at all
the factors that contribute to cost and you’ll be amazed how much you can save overalls.

You can’t slipform one of these… can you?
Probably can! Just ask us and we’ll let you know.

It’s probably safer to stick to traditional methods…right?
If ‘safer’ means ensuring you keep to your schedule and budget, then no.

There has to be a limit to what you can build with concrete…
If there is, we haven’t found it yet.

Surely it can’t be that much faster?
You could be finished six months ahead of schedule. We’d call that fast.

Can you really do this consistently anywhere?
Hundreds of successful projects in over 100 countries prove that we can.

Can a technology this old really answer today’s needs?
Yes. And tomorrow’s too. We’re constantly reinventing slipforming to ensure
that it’s always in tune with the industry’s requirements.