Strukturas MSS


The advanced STRUKTURAS-MSS leads bridge construction into a new era!

Our optimized design of the STRUKTURAS-MSS will reduce both cycle time and manpower for your cast-in-situ bridges.
Both the overhead and the underslung MSS consist of a self-supporting structure combined with a project-related exterior, easily adaptable to any cross section and span configuration, ranging from double T, single box, double box, etc., and span widths from 20m to 70m.
The particular advantages of the Strukturas MSS include low weight, simple solutions for freight and assembly, adaptability to different bridge cross sections, and great efficiency in use (cycle per bridge span down to less than a week).

Special design solutions from some of our most challenging projects:

  • Division of the Main Girder into three sections (Nose-Main Girder-Tail) and design of a unique hinged connection between the parts has made it possible to build superstructures with a horizontal radius down to 250m using the STRUKTURAS-MSS.
  • Changes in vertical geometry, including cambering, are accommodated by adjustable jacks supporting the formwork.
  • A hydraulic folding system for the internal formwork on double T-bridges and internal folding and rolling systems for single and double box bridges reduce cycle time and lead to a higher level of safety.

A transportation system (rebar trolley) for prefabricated reinforcement cages or a portal crane system can be integrated in the STRUKTURAS-MSS.
Our service extends from complete delivery through partial delivery to consultancy & supervision.

Formwork Support:
The Formwork is supported by adjustable props, placed on the bottom slab. The bottom slab Formwork is suspended by PT-bars and steel hangers directly from the main structure.

Folding System:
The bottom slab Formwork is divided in the middle to allow a vertical rotation by winch or cable pulls for the launching operation.

Formwork Support:
Both Internal and External Formwork are supported by adjustable props accommodating cambering and/or possible changes.

Folding System:
For Double T bridges a hydraulic folding system can be implemented, to rotate the internal Formwork for the launching operation.

Internal Rolling Wagon:
The Internal Rolling Wagon is used to retract/transport and position the Formwork elements at the next span.