Heavy Linfting Equipment

A weight off your mind

Bygging-Uddemann has the most comprehensive heavy lifting systems in the business. We have every jack needed to cope with the heaviest of loads, such as flue pipes, formwork-structures, heavy machinery, cranes and bridges. Not only are these jacks flexible, with high capacity in relation to their size, they are also extremely user friendly.

With the gentlest touch of a finger, our hydraulic equipment lifting systems automatically lift your load with exactly the right pressure and flow. They can handle practically all kinds of heavy loads, and are particularly suitable where placment or removal requires a high degree of precision.

Along with our equipment, we always provide feasibility studies, erection of buildings, assembly work and training and supervision of your own construction team.

Steel Tank Errection and Repair Method

-Replacing a cistern base or foundation repairs-
The method is used for cisterns of various design off all sizes. The erection and welding work is carried out entirely on the ground. This gives a high degree of safety and precision in the workmanship and facilitates the inspections required.
Please open the following PDF file for more information :

Steel Tank Erection and Repair