Permanent Access

B.M.U  (Building Maintenance Units)

  • Advantages of a Roof Car

    • Flexible access to most vertical building surfaces.
    • Optimum solution for building heights from 15 m to above 300 m.
    • Does not disturb façade aesthetics.
    • Quick and safe access to the façade.
    • Double controls from the turret and from the cradle.
    • Comfortable horizontal movements without leaving the cradle.
    • Can be made completely invisible when in parking position.
    • Optional window lifting with additional hoist.
    • Ergonomic and roomy 2 man platform with optional 1 man platform.
    • Optional façade restraint system for building heights above 25 m.

    Common Characteristics of all Roof Cars Installations

    • Machines CE certified and conform to the European standard EN 1808.
    • Welded assembly, hot-dip galvanised steel.
    • Motorised slewing turret standard on most machines.
    • All the motors, electrical cabinets and commands are IP 55.
    • Tirak™ traction lifting hoist.
    • Single jib with slewing spreader bar.
    • Crossing over high parapets
    • Adjustment to the facade
    • Reduced gauge widths
    • Can be used on concrete rail tracks
    • Light-weight machine with counterweights attached to jib
    • Only available on rail tracks
    • Suitable for very long jibs

    Ladders and Travelling Gantries

    Solutions for inside and external maintenance of glazed structures such as domes, atriums and buildings with panoramic views. All mobile gantries are made from profiled aluminium, which can be painted or anodised depending on the customer’s requirements.

    The Monorail : A System Integrated into the facade.

    As it blends perfectly with the building, monorail is the ideal system for integrating into metal structures and curtain wall facades. The monorails are made of extruded aluminium alloy and may be supplied plain, anodised, or lacquered.
    They can be formed both vertically and horizontally to fully integrate with the facades. All monorails can be fitted with manual or powered trolleys which are easy to operate in complete safety.

    Powered Davits

    Powered Davits move horizontally on a track fixed to the parapet. This system can be used with ALTA or SOLO powered platforms.

    Advantages :

    • Simple and efficient solution.
    • The roof remains free of equipment.
    • Various track gauges and types.
    • Various mast heights and reaches.