RSB develops, produces, distributes, and supervises special formwork for circular (axisymmetrical) structures all over the world.  We are the internationally acknowledged specialist in formworks for concrete digesters, tanks, vats, water towers, silos, domes, spheres, windmill towers, cooling towers and tunnel constructions.

We fulfill market requirements to the greatest extent that is realistically possible and assure quality, reliability and best services


RSB – the formwork service provider

  • Planning, engineering, fabrication, and assembly of complete formwork, scaffolding, and platforms
  • Shipment, project organization, and construction planning
  • Formwork reserved during the entire length of the project, with topnotch management by experienced RSB formwork supervisors
  • Completely integrated working platforms and safety scaffolding, with additional scaffolding (such as reinforcement scaffolding) on request
  • Fixed price for the planned project time and work by employees at the construction site

Your advantages with RSB

  • Guaranteed fixed price for the entire planned construction time
  • Optimum construction planning means deadlines are met
  • Delivery of prefabricated formwork
  • Short assembly times thanks to system components
  • Functional safety due to tried and tested formwork systems
  • RSB assumes all risks related to the required number of hours and type of formwork
  • Formwork can be efficiently combined
  • Scope of services customized to your project

RSB – Your On-Site Partner

  • The RSB project manager – your skilled contact person from the proposal through completion of the project
  • The RSB formwork supervisor – your skilled contact person on site during construction
  • The RSB formwork supervisor makes life easier for your construction management (site foreman)