Temporary Access


A model perfectly suited to lightweight applications such as painting and decorating, refurbishing, jointing abd repairs, windows cleaning, …
Technical details :

  • Length : 2m to 15 m
  • Inside with : 0.60 m
  • Working load limit : 120 kg/m

The ALTA “S” platform is to be used on heavy applications such as facades, chimneys, silos, bridges, …
It is particularly well suited for rental.
Technical details :

  • Length : 2m to 18 m
  • Inside with : 0.68 m
  • Working load limit : 140 kg/m

Double decked ALTA «L» & «S» platforms

A trusted and proven solution to cover large working surfaces or involving heavy building materials. All the advantages of ALTA «L» & «S» platforms are utilised simply by connecting two platforms into a double decked working platform.
Technical Information :

  • ALTA «L» platforms maximum length 8 m
  • ALTA «S» platforms maximum length 10 m

Solo suspended working platform

This motorised one-man platform is based on the technique of its sister ALTA «L» platforms. It allows comfortable and quick access to any point of the building facade for one person with material and tools – up to 40 m height. The guiding wheels efficiently prevent the platform from moving.

  • Material of the platform : aluminium
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 1.05 x 0.89 x 2.17 m
  • Working load : 120 kg.

Portafix™ suspension jibs

The mobile Portafix™ suspension jibs allow very fast access to the building facades on nearly every flat roof, and, are very easy to install and dismantle. Solid standing by counterweights and easy transportation thanks to castor wheels. Other tailor-made solutions can be proposed.

  • Omega parapet clamps

    When the parapet is sufficiently strong (reinforced concrete etc), OMEGA parapet clamps can be directly attached. Delivered ready for use, with rollers allowing easy transversal motion.

  • Fixed Bases and Davit Jibs

    When there is no space for the Portafix movable suspension jibs, we can supply special fixed bases and movable rotating jibs Davits.

    Suspended work seats

    Solsit work seat
    Supported by a TIRAK™ motorised hoist, the SOLSIT work seat has two buckets for cleaning liquid or tools and guiding wheels.
    Subito work seat
    Equipped with the SCAFOR™ manual hoist, the SUBITO work seat is perfect for working on building facades up to 20 m height, for inspection, maintenance or simple cleaning tasks. Lightweight and compact, its operational stability is enhanced by its guiding wheels.