Strukturas AS is a world-wide highly specialized engineering company which offers know-how and systems for building concrete bridges. With a big experience which starts the early 70s we have been involved in the projection and development of these systems. We have offered our know-how, services and solutions to many construction companies all over the world. When you have to build concrete bridges, you can rely on our great experience and good service. Our services extend from consultancy
assignments to complete turnkey contracts.

Quality assurance is absolutely vital in our work, and our traditions in this area date back to the Aker/Opedal period. The quality system at Strukturas conforms to ISO 9001.

Our 4 main systems are the following :

The MSS is a movable formwork system for use in the construction of cast-in-situ concrete bridges with a span length varying from 20m up to 70m. This advanced steel structure offers a number of advantages, something that has made it highly competitive on the international market. It has been supplied in substantial numbers in Europe and Asia. The Strukturas MSS is available in both underslung and overhead versions, with the underslung option being the most widely used by far.

The LG is a movable assembly gantry for segmental bridges. Our gantry has been specially developed with a view to adaptability to complex bridge curvature. This has been achieved by means of one of our own developments, a hinged joint between the main girders in the supporting structure. This invention has been used in a number of highly complex projects in Asia and the USA with bridge spans of up to 60m and radii of as little as 75m. The Strukturas LG is available in both underslung and overhead versions for both the infill and balanced cantilever method.

The FT is a movable formwork system used for free cantilever construction of concrete bridges.The cantilevered method has become very widespread in modern bridge building since its launch a few decades ago. The Strukturas FT was developed on the basis of experience gained during these years. We attached particular importance to our equipment being efficient in production. This is ensured by means of special solutions for advancing and positioning the reinforcement sections. This reduces the cycle time, even in the case of complex bridge cross sections.

The BL is designed for prefabricated beam assembly without crane assistance. The Beam Launcher is perfectly suited for bridges and viaducts with high piers and difficult ground access situations, or when constructing over water and areas with poor soil conditions.